Highland Axe Throwing - axe throwing pic by Highland Axe Throwing Sept 2020 on Yelp

Highland Axe Throwing

Have you ever wanted to try something thrilling, unusual, and fun? If yes, then consider Highland Axe Throwing! Ax throwing? Yes, you read that right! Spend your weekend with some thrilling activities when you live in Alexan Grove.

Highland Axe Throwing

Spread across a sprawling 2500-square-foot facility. Highland Axe Throwing brings a unique blend of historical sport and modern entertainment. The venue boasts 12 throwing lanes where you can test your aim and strength, letting axes fly toward targets. It’s like darts but way cooler and more thrilling.

Relax, Connect, and Have Fun

But Highland Axe Throwing is not just about the sport. It’s also about creating an environment where people can relax, connect, and have fun. There’s a stylish bar and lounge...

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The Magic of Community - leasing office

The Magic of Community

Welcome to a world where magic happens every day – the magic of community! At Alexan Grove, we cherish the power of togetherness and have some exciting tricks to enchant your experience. Get ready to be part of something extraordinary with our curated social calendar and monthly resident events! Step into the magic and fun at Alexan Grove.

Unleashing the Fun

At Alexan Grove,...

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Welcome to Tomorrow - luxury apartment

Welcome to Tomorrow

Welcome to tomorrow at Alexan Grove’s modern marvels. These apartments have modern technology to make your life easier and more connected. You can enter without keys, and USB charging outlets and high-speed internet are available. Your tech-rich home blends convenience and cutting-edge technology seamlessly.

Unlock the Future

Gone are the days of fumbling for your keys! Step into...

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Dogwood Luxury Floor Plan - Dogwood studio floor plan

Dogwood Luxury Floor Plan

The search is over! Explore Alexan Grove, where we have something special for you—the incredible Dogwood luxury floor plan. Get ready to experience the perfect blend of comfort and style to make you feel at home. With spacious interiors and thoughtful design, the Dogwood luxury floor plan is about creating a living space that meets your every need.

Spacious Interiors

Step into the...

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Krate at the Grove - Krate pic by Shune D. July 2022 on Yelp

Krate at the Grove

Looking for a place where entertainment and excitement meet? Look no further than Krate at the Grove, an open-air entertainment destination that offers a wide range of experiences to satisfy every taste. Let’s dive into the exciting highlights that make living at Alexan Grove an extraordinary experience.

Endless Entertainment Options

At Krate at the Grove, you’ll find...

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